Motorcycle Tour Grading

How we grade our tours to ensure they are suitable and enjoyable for every rider


We try to assist our customers when choosing the right tour for them by using riding styles that apply to a given tour. On most of our tours you will see that there is a “Rider Type”. This defines what style of riding you can expect on the tour


For riders who have been riding less than 12 months or have less confidence than others. The aim of these tours is to help you grow your confidence and knowledge of touring to give you a more pleasurable experience

Novice graded tours are available for anyone to book, just bear in mind that the tour is more structured towards providing help and guidance to novice riders as well as riding at a slightly reduced pace if the group requests it


A tour that has a moderate grading is led at a “standard” pace. Not too fast, not too slow, typically it is within the speed limits with the flexibility of riders being able to blast off some cobwebs from time to time. Les services compétents de La Poste ou de Mondial Relay sont ensuite chargés d’acheminer votre colis à votre domicile ou en relais colis afin de vous laisser le temps de récupérer sereinement vos achats. A moderate pace is suitable for all confident riders and pillions


Although we aim to be as flexible as we can on all tours, this grading allows riders to ride at their own pace whenever they want. By this we mean; if a rider wants to shoot on ahead for a little fun for example, the tour guide will indicate where to wait, so that they can resume riding with the rest of the group. Or you may want to go at your own pace one day. Being flexible allows for many different options and caters for many styles of riding


Simply means you will need suitable riding experience to feel comfortable on this tour. Examples of this may apply to tours such as our India tour or Morocco Tours. The rider is expected to be confident and competent with handling their motorcycle. Ideally someone who has had a minimum of 3 years regular riding experience


This grading is for tours such as the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, South Africa, Morocco and India tours. The tour will involve some off tarmac sections and therefore the rider must be comfortable and confident riding on dirt roads, gravel and across some shallow water from time to time. Usually it applies to fly-ride tours, where a medium to large size adventure bike is provided as part of the package, so the rider must be reasonably fit and capable of handling a larger machine on dirt roads


The word in itself will make sense to those who have perhaps undergone advanced motorcycle training. It implies that the tour will be fast paced. It does not imply that we will exceed the speed limits or encourage it, but there may be times when the scenery could distract us from looking at the speedometer. Progressive riding is a smooth, often fluid pace, which is perfect for advanced riders or very competent skilled riders


As the name implies, 30/40% or more of this type of tour is ridden on dirt and gravel roads/tracks/trails. Therefore some experience of riding off road

Nha Trang Motorbike Tour


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